June , 2019


The Jewish Coaches Association took a big step in its development today as they unveiled the first design of the association’s logo. The first official logo design in the JCAs brief history looks to reflect the mission, values and services that meet the needs of coaches involved with the association.

The logo is an uppercase version of the JCA letters in a light blue coloring with an ‘A’ that is sketched to intertwine with the Jewish Star of David and the association’s full name written underneath the design. The new logo draws strong inspiration from the Israeli flag and is effectively animated for its use throughout various media platforms.

“Developing our overall brand is of upmost importance to the association. We want our members and constituents to connect with what our brand and organization stands for - loyalty, passion, commitment and a value-rich culture. By combining both a contemporary design with one that gives a clear nod to our heritage, we help create an important visual foundation for the growth of the organization,” said Jason Belzer, Executive Director of the JCA.

The new logo makes a bold statement about the strengths of the association as a non-profit group and will now become one of its most important assets. In addition to the new logo, the JCA’s brand identity includes some of the most prominent college coaches in the nation who assist in the execution of the association’s mission and day-to-day affairs.

The Jewish Coaches Association was founded in 2006 as an advocacy and outreach group for Jewish basketball coaches. The organization’s mission is to utilize the teachings of the Jewish faith in order to foster the growth and development of coaching, program building and leadership skills amongst its members. The association also aims at creating networking opportunities for members around the nation and the overall support of Jewish basketball.

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The Jewish Coaches Association was founded in 2006. The organization supports Jewish college, high school and youth basketball coaches and administrators around the World.

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