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The 12th Pan American Maccabi Games, which will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil over the New Year’s holiday in December of 2011. Exact dates are not yet confirmed. The USA will be fielding 4-6 basketball teams – male U16, U18, Open (anyone) and Masters (over 40, with 3 players between 35-40); and possibly U18 girls and Open women. Although applications are not out yet, we are currently beginning the search for coaches and players who might be interested. Since the event is during most basketball seasons, we are looking for college coaches and players who are not currently working/playing or who shut their programs down over the holidays. For the open men’s team – which historically has been made up of former D1 players — we are specifically looking for a former college head coach or assistant.
If you know of anyone who is interested, please have them contact Brian Schiff, Director USA Maccabi Basketball at 610-836-2572 or by e-mail at bschiff@comcastsportsnet.com
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The Jewish Coaches Association was founded in 2006. The organization supports Jewish college, high school and youth basketball coaches and administrators around the World.

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