May , 2019

The Jewish Coaches Association (JCA) is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to foster the growth and development of individuals of the Jewish faith at all levels of sports, both nationally and internationally. The JCA is committed to creating a constructive and tolerant environment where issues can be examined closely, debated sincerely and resolved honestly. The JCA’s focus involves the concerns of its colleagues in professional sports, NCAA (Division I, II, and III), NAIA (Division I and II), junior college and high school levels.


  • Address significant issues pertaining to the participation and employment of individuals of the Jewish faith in sport in general and intercollegiate athletics in particular.
  • Provide professional and leadership development strategies for its member coaches
  • Create networking opportunities for Jewish coaches and athletic administrators
  • Promote the coaching and athletic administration profession to Jews around the world
  • Inspire Member coaches to coach with integrity and Jewish values and serve as a role model to their teams and communities
  • Identify and recruit Jews into the collegiate, high school and youth coaching and athletic administration profession

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The Jewish Coaches Association was founded in 2006. The organization supports Jewish college, high school and youth basketball coaches and administrators around the World.

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