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Basketball Clinics and Workshops

The JCA looks to provide clinics and workshops for it’s members to help them in their development as basketball Coaches as part of it’s Partnership in coaching.

Basketball Camps

The JCA works to secure employment at college basketball camps around the country for its members.


The JCA promotes its members careers and help them make contacts towards coaching opportunities.

Community Service:

JCA member coaches work within their institutions to get their teams involved in their local communities and do charitable events and fundraisers.

Jewish Camps:

The organization recruits members to travel the USA to speak and teach at Jewish camps around the nation.

Maccabi Basketball Coaches

The JCA works with Maccabi USA and local Maccabi delegations to get JCA members involved and hired as Maccabi USA coaches and Maccabi Delegation basketball Coaches. In 2009 both the JCA President and Vice-president served as coaches on the USA National Maccabi Basketball team representing our nation overseas in the World Maccabi Games in Israel. Member coaches also help locate Jewish basketball players around the nation to try-out for Maccabi USA teams.

Breaking down barriers

The AJCA works to create fair hiring practices in basketball by working towards tolerance and understanding and cooperation with schools where coaches were denied interviews or not hired simply due to their faith and cultural background. We fight anti-Semitism in the work place and represent members concerns to the NCAA. We also work to promote Jewish coaches gaining employment in remote towns and Christian based universities where no Jewish coach has yet to be employed. We help coaches with their interview process and help coaches understand the unique role they can play in being a Jewish Coach that represents a school in a community that has not had Jewish Role models.

Community of faith gatherings

The JCA organizes coaches form different backgrounds and religions for a unity breakfast and non-denominational prayer. The association works to inspire Jewish values in it’s member coaches to always work and coach with integrity and to serve as role models to their players and in their communities.

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The Jewish Coaches Association was founded in 2006. The organization supports Jewish college, high school and youth basketball coaches and administrators around the World.

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